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5 Healthy Skin Myths

Is the coming cold winter weather drying out your skin? Get your complexion glowing again by knowing these five common healthy skin myths.

Healthy Skin Myth: Thicker Creams Moisturize More

TRUTH: The opposite is actually true. Too rich a cream can trap dead cells and result in dull-looking skin. That’s why many beauty brands are now producing more gel and gel-cream moisturizers. Don’t fall for this healthy skin myth or end up paying more for a lotion that won’t help.

Healthy Skin Myth: Cloudy Skies Mean You Can Skip Sunscreen

TRUTH: Clouds do little to filter out skin-damaging UVA rays. Whether or not you can feel the sun, it’s still aging your skin. Don’t let your skin pay the price by believing this healthy skin myth. Make sunscreen part of your daily beauty regimen. 

Healthy Skin Myth: Exfoliation Causes Dryness and Patchiness

TRUTH: This healthy skin myth is only true if you overdo it. Exfoliating once or twice a week brings new, moisture-rich cells to the surface and allows ingredients to be absorbed more effectively.

Healthy Skin Myth: Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Moisturizer

TRUTH: Yes, it does. What it doesn’t need is extra oil. Choose an oil-free moisturizer. Women with combination skin should use a fluid-rich lotion on their T-zone and a richer moisture on dryer parts of the face to keep your skin in perfect balance and health.

Healthy Skin Myth: Showers Help Dry Skin Stay Moist

TRUTH: They don’t. Don’t fall for this beauty myth just because the steam and heat feel good. In fact, showering and even swimming too long leaches water from the skin. Keep showers to five minutes and use lukewarm water. A water temperature above 38 degrees Celsius causes blood vessel dilation that produces water loss through the skin’s outer layer.