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We have discovered goats milk to be excellent for replenishing oils, vitamins and minerals for all skin types. We want to share this with others who desire an ALL NATURAL superior skin product. We at Suds & Such diligently tested different formulations until we were satisfied that we had created the best products on the skin care market!


Half of the world drinks goats milk rather than cow’s milk due to its superior nutrients and its excellent affect on the digestive system. We reasoned that it must have the same beneficial affects on skincare.


At our family farm in Virginia we have been raising goats and drinking nutritious goats milk for generations. The breed of our goats is “LaManchas”, a formally recognized breed of dairy goats. They are an American breed, which we think is important. These goats are very hardy and provide sweet tasting creamy high quality milk in large quantities. As an added benefit these animals are known for their level, sweet temperaments. Our goats milk lotions and soaps are handmade from this herd of LaManchas.